Britney Spears Flashes Behind For Husband In Video


Popular singer Britney Spears recently took to her Instagram account and posted a video clip wearing a black revealing dress. Her caption read:

“Last night before dinner at Nobu … Why is that place so good and how come I always sit by the fire 🔥 !!! Either way, best night ever !!! My hubby hates this video, he thinks this black outfit is bad … I’m confused 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️… Oh well … I made the diamond dress and two more last night 👗 … 170 bucks for the front diamond panel I found somewhere then I added a slip … okay it’s not Versace but I made it myself 😒😒😒🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ … I also added a design at the bottom of bigger stones, I pieced it together then a lady helped me sew 🧵 it … I was bored but creating is so cool !!!”

Spears seemingly misses her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake despite her marriage to husband Sam Asghari as per an insider via Geo News.

Earlier, the Toxic hitmaker called out the Palmer actor’s ex Alyssa Milano over her old tweet concerning the Princess of Pop’s well-being. Now, a source told Closer Magazine that the public shaming of Milano was Spears’ way of getting back at her for dating Timberlake after her painful breakup with him.

The insider said that everyone close to the popstar “knows she never got over Justin. She will often have conversations with pals about those days they were together and what might have been.”

“When she’s feeling lost or low, she still says she wants Justin back in her life, even if it’s just as a trusted friend,” the source added.

“He’d be a stable influence and she knows he’s got her back as he’s genuinely sorry for how she was treated. Right now she feels she needs a trusted old friend like Justin in her life.”

The outlet shared that Spears has “desperately tried getting in touch” with the actor-singer, who’s now married to Jessica Biel, hence, he’s “politely swerved anything more than a brief catch-up.”

However, it is noted that having feelings for Timberlake does not mean Spears does not love her husband as the source noted, “Britney still loves Sam, but there’s a piece of her heart that will always be devoted to her first love.”

As for Asghari, he has asked the singer “stop digging up the past” as he “feels really uncomfortable when she mentions Justin.” The aspiring actor “knows she doesn’t mean to make him feel uncomfortable but he’s a proud guy, and he’s done feeling embarrassed and awkward.”

“He’s said he wants them both to just focus on each other and their relationship,” shared the source.