Kurt Cobain Conspiracy Theorists Backtracking On Murder Claims?


Matthew Richer and Tom Grant are planning on unpublishing their book The Mysterious Death of Kurt Cobain: Suicide or Murder. Richer tweeted, “I’m going to unpublish The Mysterious Death of Kurt Cobain in the near future. However, it is still available for purchase if interested.”

Richer tweeted the following outlandish claim last month to Grant, “Do you think a mother who does opiates with her own child is capable of murder? Frances is Courtney’s next (or rather current) victim.”

The book’s description states:

Just days before Kurt Cobain’s body was discovered on April 8, 1994, Courtney Love hired private investigator Tom Grant to locate him. In The Mysterious Death of Kurt Cobain Tom Grant takes readers behind the scenes of the investigation. Here, you can read a day by day account of Grant’s investigation and learn about the evidence for murder regarding Kurt Cobain’s death. There are many new details contained in The Mysterious Death of Kurt Cobain, including new transcripts of recorded telephone conversations with Courtney Love and others, as well as an updated list of “persons of interest” in the crime.

In this book, you will get a clear picture of 1) Why Kurt Cobain was killed and 2) Who is responsible for his death. The book also contains a compelling account of Tom Grant’s struggles to blow the whistle on the botched investigation into Cobain’s death. Did Kurt Cobain really commit suicide? Or was he murdered? You won’t be able to honestly answer that question until you read The Mysterious Death of Kurt Cobain.

Courtney Love’s former private investigator and Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy theorist Tom Grant has shared his thoughts exclusively with Alternative Nation about Courtney Love’s former manager Sam Lufti being accused of kidnapping Frances Bean Cobain’s estranged husband Isaiah Silva back in June.

“My main concern with this story is that Sam Lutfi, a creepy guy with a history of taking over the lives and finances of vulnerable celebrities, does not gain financial or mental control over Frances Bean Cobain. Frances is a young lady who has been the victim of brainwashing since the day her father died. Regardless of what she’s been taught about me and father’s death, Frances is as much of a victim here as Isaiah Silva. I am deeply concerned for her well-being.”