Britney Spears Humiliated On Tour Bus By Dad


Britney Spears is facing a lot of trouble lately, and the one person that might have afforded her help is apparently causing her more heartache. 

As per Britney’s Instagram: 

I was in the music industry for over half of my life. I was told by someone who directed movies that the music industry is a different beast,  especially touring. It’s fun at first, but if you’ve done it for a while, being in a different city constantly gets draining. I have done 10 tours. As I looked back at my career I realized the one thing I did that required the least effort was my favorite thing I have ever done. 3 days of rehearsal, 1 day of dress rehearsal and performing just 5 songs, shot to a T on a TV set. It took 45 minutes to shoot. I remember afterwards being like, “Wow that was easy, can we do it again?” The lighting, everything was brilliant. Way different than hauling 4 trucks and 300 people on a tour where I couldn’t even have coffee. Just shedding light on a time where it didn’t feel like work at all, a time where I actually felt like a star instead of my family being the star. On tour, I can’t remember how many women were on the bus with my dad. Either way, I would say they got a great deal wasting 15 years of my life. Great news though. Having this new found independence gives me strength every day and the ability to stay hungry, focused, fearless, and honestly be a good person. Here’s to the magic of TV. Who would have thunk it?

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