Paul McCartney Humiliated By Bono At Concert


Recently, it was reported in The Daily Mail that English legend and co-founder of The Beatles is Britain and Ireland’s richest musician as ranked by The Sunday Times Music Rich List. McCartney’s net worth has increased by £45m more than the previous year. This can be attributed to the release of The Beatles: Get Back documentary and his ‘Got Back’ tour.

McCartney was influenced by U2 frontman Bono for his 2012 hit ‘My Valentine’ from the album ‘Kisses on the Bottom.’

In a recent article from The Telegraph, music critic Neil McCormick collected memories from some of the biggest names in music that have talked about meeting and working with McCartney. Among those, Bono said that McCartney is a more complex person than people think. They once met each other in U2’s dressing room before a show, where McCartney wanted to see what the band members were wearing. When McCartney saw that Bono was going to wear a Christian Dior jacket, he told them that he also had a similar jacket. But he had no problems with Bono wearing it, stating that he would wear it later.

“Paul is a much more complex character than people realise. He came into our dressing room before the show to check out what we were wearing.

“He spotted a jacket and said, “Is that a Christian Dior?”. Our stylist says, ‘Yeah.’ He says, ‘Stella just bought me one of them. Who’s wearing that?’ ‘Bono.’ ‘Listen man,’ says Paul, ‘I’ve just got my jacket for the show. You can’t wear it.’ I went, ‘Okay.’

“The same guy who obviously contrived the mop top and worked with his manager on those Beatles suits could spot a designer label by the cut of it. Which is why I went out in denim, looking like a mechanic. I was going to posh it up, but Paul ran off with me stage frock! And then he didn’t even wear it!”