Britney Spears Husband Drops Kardashian Bombshell


Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asghari posted a photo, as seen below, at the Star Trek: Picard Season 3 premiere where he was confused with Rob Kardashian. Britney Spears it appears has medical issues that go far deeper than previously thought. Lately, the former queen of pop of 90’s fame has been spiraling on a rollercoaster that is going off the rails. Many of her closest friends and family are fearful that she may in fact “die”. Not too pleasant to hear for those who are closest to her, and not at all appealing to hear for anyone else for that matter. You would think that with all that “success” one would be happy. Well folks, think again. 

According to Page Six, Britney Spears’ medical issues are “far more complex” than her fans realize — and those who know her told Page Six they remain worried for the singer’s well-being.

There has been growing concern for Spears amid reports that her inner circle had planned, then abandoned, an intervention for her, prompting the 41-year-old star to rage online Thursday night: “There’s obviously a lot of people who don’t wish me well !!!”

But despite worries about the singer, sources who have worked closely with Spears insist that she should not be locked back into another conservatorship — even if she still needs some form of help or care.

“Nobody outside the very small conservatorship circle knows what Britney’s medical status really is,” one highly placed source told Page Six. “If people knew Britney’s actual medical status, I think it would reveal that her mental problems are far more severe than people realize.”

Still, the source said: “Regardless of her mental condition, it isn’t necessarily appropriate for her to be under a conservatorship. There are less harsh ways to handle it.”

Mom-of-two Spears was placed under a strict conservatorship in 2008, following a mental health crisis. At the time, her father Jamie took control of her finances and medical treatment.

Following much public criticism, Jamie, 70, was suspended from his daughter’s conservatorship in September 2021 before its termination a few months later, following a campaign from her legion of fans in the “Free Britney” movement. Spears has accused her father of forcing her to work tirelessly in Las Vegas and trying to kill her — and has blamed other family members for enabling his behavior.

Spears herself denied that she was in need of an intervention, sharing on Instagram: “It makes me sick to my stomach that it’s even legal for people to make up stories that I almost died.”