Pearl Jam Ex-Drummer Teases Anniversary Performance?


Jack Irons has just taken to Instagram where he gave a huge shoutout to the legendary album, Yield. The album has just turned 25 and Iron’s seems to be celebrating by not only spinning the record, but by drumming out the music too as in the photo, the album lays on top of his drum set.

There has been a lot of back and forth lately on social media about rumors of possibly having Jack Irons come in on the drums for some upcoming Pearl Jam work. As of now, all of this is just rumors. Nor Jack or Pearl Jam have said anything regarding this. Mostly, it seems that fans caught a whiff of Yield turning 25 and wanted to see Jack do some shows in honor of the groundbreaking album.

When it comes to the touring schedule of Pearl Jam – there seems to have been some little quips here and there about announcing a tour. The band haven’t yet been vocal about it, but a lot of fans also feel that it will be coming very soon.

If anything, it seems that the band will most likely promote for the anniversary of Yield before they do or say much else. Most likely, we will either get an album announcement and then a tour announcement or we will just see the band continue to take a short break while they decide what they want to do next. It would be great to see Jack back on the drums, but as is the rumor mill – it most likely won’t be happening any time soon.

All that said, it would be nice to be wrong here and we do get to see Jack back on the kit even for one last ride.