Greta Van Fleet Drop Massive Hiatus Bombshell


Greta Van Fleet discussed their new song “Always There” appearing in the film A Million Little Pieces in a new MCall interview, and bassist Sam Kiszka said he doesn’t think the band need a break. A Greta Van Fleet member was ‘sniffed’ by an older woman in a photo yesterday.

“It’s really cool to see that change,” bassist Sam Kiszka — who with his brothers Josh on vocals and Jake on guitar and drummer Danny Wagner make up the band — says in a phone call from a tour stop in Dallas. “I think we’ve packed two years into one, at least. And I like that business plan, because we’re young and we can do it. And I think the worst thing you can do, especially as an artist is sit idle.”

“So I’m really thankful for the fact that we have been going so fast and working hard. And it’s really paying off and we see a response from people. .. And there is so much energy in these rooms. It radiates off the audience and it infects us with great energy. It only makes the shows bigger and better, you know?”

Greta Van Fleet recently broke their silence on Robert Plant disrespect. A Greta Van Fleet fan on Reddit suggested recently that they cover “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin, but other fans weren’t so sure about the idea.

nic0lk said, “I know for some of their very early stuff you can see them covering Led Zeppelin songs but I mean Josh Kiszka’s voice sounds damn near identical to Robert Plant’s and he can’t help that so I would love to see them embrace it and do studio mixed covers of various led Zeppelin songs.

LoneSabre responded, “I agree with the title, but they shouldn’t be covering Zeppelin songs. I’d love to see it, but it’s not the direction they should go in. People are already convinced that their a Zeppelin rip off, so they should be creating their own identity.”

You can read the full interview at MCall.