Britney Spears Seductive Video For Julia Roberts Leaks


For the last year, Britney Spears has been front and center into the focal point of most of the world. Not only did the hashtag #freebritney trend all over the world, but she also won her case to get out of the conservatorship with her father (an almost life long battle).

Since Britney Spears has gotten away from her father, she has been able to do a lot. Not only is she now free to do many things, go out more often, and spend her money as she wishes, but she also has control back of her social media. Before Spears was in control of her social media, it was clear to see that a lot of what was posted to any pages that were verified as her, were not actually her doing the posting.

In many of the posts previous to her being in control, it seemed almost robotic in the way that things were posted. Now, she has taken her own stand on her social media pages and really reigned in how she wants to present herself.

In a recent Instagram post, Spears took to her page to have some fun. She wore a red dress, clad with a red hat to match as she stated the following: “I was channeling Julia Roberts with this red hat !!! Also had to throw on my little red dress and play last night.”

Her page has been one of the top pages on Instagram as many fans are glad to see her having a good time and connecting in a way that she truly feels connects with the people who have supported her for so long. Just about every post by Britney is a positive one and does make us believe that she is in a much better frame of mind now than she was just months ago.