Marilyn Manson Reveals Bold Truth About Motley Crue


Marilyn Manson revealed that he liked the Motley Crue Netflix biopic ‘The Dirt’ in a new interview. A Motley Crue member was accused of a relapse by a rock icon in a new interview.

Manson told Revolver, “Well, you’ve got people like this guy I just met a couple of weeks ago, Machine Gun Kelly – he’s the real deal. And he’s also a cool guy, and he was great in ‘The Dirt,’ where he played Tommy Lee. And there’s the other rappers that I’m friends with, guys like Lil Uzi Vert and Bill $aber, who you should check out.

I used his track “Creepin n Lurkin” as my intro music to walk out [to] on the last tour. I asked Lil Uzi Vert why he liked me. He has all these followers [on Instagram], but I was the only one he was following. And he said it was because he knew I was the real deal.”

Marilyn Manson also recently made a stunning John Lennon revelation. Fans on Reddit recently speculated about Marilyn Manson possibly debuting new material on his summer tour.

RevelationsComeIn12 wrote, “Seeing as we first heard new songs from HUD this time two years ago in July 2017, im really hoping to hear something on this Twins tour. After all, dont both of them have something to promote? Manson’s got an upcoming record and Zombie has a new movie coming out (doesn’t he also have a record?) Really excited but probably for nothing 😢”

ChrisHaines11_11 said, “Manson did say like a month or two ago that it was already more then halfway done so I’d say odds are it could happen yea.”

RevelationsComeIn12 commented, “I was thinking about that. There’s two angles. On the one hand, the album is probably done and should be marketed with new music. On the other hand, it’s a co-headline tour, so playing new songs that aren’t yet popular among fans of either artist is likely out of the question, especially considering there’s no tracklist reveal yet and we don’t know any of the song titles, whereas we knew most of the song tracklist by this time in 2017. I’m not holding out hope, but it would be cool.”

turtlebear787 wrote, “Personally I try not to speculate when he’s dropping anything. I’ve learned that Manson is super unpredictable and is unreliable when it comes to set dates. It will come out whenever he feels like it. Predicting single or album release dates based on his activity is just setting yourself up for disappointment.”