Kid Rock Brutally Humiliated By Sasha Baron Cohen


Sasha Baron Cohen owned the early 2000s with his antics in ‘Borat’. The movie focused on pop culture at the time and to this day, is still praised for what it was able to pull off in the comedy genre. Of course, the movie does not stand too well in the current era, but for the time, it was something special.

Appearing in Borat movies can go one of two ways – either very well or very badly. If you remember the movie, then you know that Pamela Anderson was in the movie as she is kidnapped by Borat due to the huge crush that he had on the movie star, as reported by Yahoo.

What Pamela Anderson never thought was that a surprise cameo would lead to a breakup.

Anderson details her relationship with her ex-husband, Kid Rock, real name Robert “Bob” Ritchie, in her newly released memoir Love, Pamela, sharing that he made a “huge effort” with her children that she shares with first husband Tommy Lee. Their differences, however, were “so apparent” — and Anderson recounts Rock’s explosive reaction to her cameo in the 2006 film Borat that led to their breakup.

As she stated, Kid Rock stormed out of a screening of the film at the home of entertainment executive Ron Meyer and wife Kelly.

She stated: “Lots of important industry people were there — Steven Spielberg, Rick Rubin, Laird Hamilton and his wife, Gabby Reece. I didn’t tell Bob (Rock) I was in the movie, because I wanted to surprise him.”

While Kid Rock wasn’t so much offended by her being in the movie, it was that her sex tape was mentioned in the movie.

She continued: “I forgot about the part in the film that referenced the ‘sex tape.’ Bob stormed out, calling me a whore and worse. He was embarrassed, and his reaction was not thought through.”

Kid Rock would then get into his car and storm off, leaving her there.

She closed: “I turned back and apologized, then asked if anyone could give me a ride home. When I walked in, Bob was smashing a photo on the wall. He said he was sick of waking up to a picture of me and David LaChapelle every day. But it wasn’t me and David — it was Marilyn Monroe and Bert Stern. We broke up. I didn’t stay in touch with Bob.”

Fast forward to 2007 where she would see him again, but even worse off.

She said: “Tommy and Bob dove at each other. Fists were flying, and the whole thing ended up on live TV. I walked out, and Alicia didn’t miss a beat, kept on singing. It was a setup. MTV must have been thrilled.”