Bruce Springsteen Fans ‘Ripped Off’ After Mistake


A hot topic for fans right now is the issue with tickets. Many ticket sites such as Ticket Master have come under fire in recent years due to the prices of tickets being higher than what anyone would expect. These issues have also made it very hard for an artist to properly plead their case of innocence in the prices of the tickets. A new problem has just occurred with Ticket Master, and it involves the legendary, Bruce Springsteen.

News has been spreading about a huge glitch in the Ticketmaster system which made it so fans could not attend any upcoming Bruce Springsteen shows. What happened was that over 500,000 tickets were tallied up for being sold for the 2023 shows that Bruce has. While some customers did get their tickets, other customers were unable to properly check out on the website/app making it so they couldn’t get their tickets which they were after.

Fans from all over the world were fed up with what was going on and started to not only call Ticket Master, but they also started after them on social media platforms as well. Ticket Master were not the only ones going through it as Bruce was also under fire.

Fans stated: “Dear Bruce, unfortunately we have been waited hours to get hold of a ticket in the Netherlands but those a..holes of @Ticketmaster_NL who are responsabel [sic] for the sell of your tickets in the Netherlands fu–ed up once again.  No ticket now, help!”

Bruce echoed back: “Ticketmaster is working hard on fixing the issues, and we have temporarily suspended ticket sales for Copenhagen, Amsterdam & Landgraaf.”

As of now, there is nothing current on the situation as we all await for there to be a reasonable outcome for all of this for the fans that have been waiting.