Bruce Springsteen Reveals Truth About Taylor Swift


Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift are from different eras. This time around Springsteen opened up on Swift.

Bruce Springsteen talks about Taylor Swift

Springsteen recently noted how impressed he was by Taylor’s music when his daughter – an all-out Swiftie – played him one of Taylor’s records, and he doubled down on the praise during a recent interview with Australia’s The Project:

“If you look at the music, she’s an *excellent* writer. She is, lyrically. She’s a really good… lyricist – about this moment, I would say. It”s everything top 40 records should be. She is going to be a very influential artist for a long time. It’s the same old thing, quality, good record-making that has something to say.”

However, Taylor Swift isn’t the only musician Bruce Springsteen has been giving a keener listen thanks to his kids, as he revealed earlier on:

“My son was originally – he came from kind of a punk musician place. So, he’d play me Rage Against the Machine, Gaslight Anthem, I think he played me the initial Killers record. My youngest son, he’s the guy that’s kind of classic rock. He’s Creedence Clearwater, Bob Marley and The Wailers. He has the most interest in my sort of music in a certain way. They’re all different and it’s quite nice.”

You can check out the video clip below: