Gene Simmons Ridiculous Restaurant Video Revealed


Gene Simmons got a ridiculous treat at a restaurant in a video a few days ago, coffee with a perfectly done KISS logo written on it! Simmons was accompanied by his lovely wife Shannon and their dog. Gene said in the video, “Life is good.” It sure is when you are one of the greatest rock legends of all time and you have a great family! Gene Simmons daughter sadly discussed being disrespected by big name record labels a few days ago.

KISS fans recently had a fun discussion about misheard song lyrics on

Mr. Speedo posted, “When I was a kid (8 or 9), I thought the opening line to ‘Deuce’ was ‘Kill her, and get your Grandma outta here.’ And on the ‘Cold Gin’ rap I thought Paul said ‘….that like to drink the killer.’ I’m sure I had no idea about tequila. A psychiatrist could probably have a field day with those misheard lyrics. Anyone have other funny misheard lyrics?”

Gene Simmons’ daughter recently took a leather pants photo. nfarend posted, “When I first heard Take me I thought Paul was singing: ‘Put your hand in my pocket. Grab onto my rocket.’ Huhuh!!! Funny shit. What sane person would carry a rocket in his pocket?! That’s really dangerous! Well, anyways…. thanks for your attention.”

Thunderous_Lay wrote, “It’s closin’ time again, you know it always wins. I’m sorry to have takin’ so long, I must’ve been a bitch while I was gone.” Livin’ as you do and I’m watchin’ you. Out on the streets for a livin’, bitchin’s only begun. You’ve got something about you, you fart something I need.

I can hear the jukebox poundin’ out loud, I take my Führer out on the crowd. Here’s to the kid, a real man on Bombaim. You were warm, but there was a little lice. I’ve got sum nasty habitsit’s a fine life. You’ve got what I want, I’ve got what you need, fire up the love.” Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed a video featuring Brad Pitt last week.