Bush May Be Recording With Alice In Chains & Pearl Jam Collaborators


In a new interview, Gavin Rossdale said he hoped to work with Alice In Chains producer Nick Raskulinecz or Pearl Jam producer Brendan O’Brien on Bush’s next album.

Describing Bush’s new songs as “full of resistance and opinion and energy,” Rossdale told Lazer 103.3’s Andy Hall that he was inspired to make a harder-sounding album because “I just like heavier music. When we made the last record, it was in the middle of a certain time, and it was a little bit more… a different time going on for me,” he explained. “I was doing ‘The Voice’ [Editor’s note: Gavin was one of the judges on ‘The Voice UK’] and there was a wider audience going on, so it was a more open record, and I’m really proud of it. But it’s really fun to go in the studio and just do some good, heavy music and sing to that. I still sing the same way, but the music is just heavy and richer.”

Asked if there is a particular producer he has in mind to helm Bush’s upcoming album, Rossdale said: “The record I’ve enjoyed a lot is Mastodon’s new record [2017’s ‘Emperor Of Sand’], so Brendan O’Brien is a big favorite of mine. With these guys that are top dogs, you don’t know who’s available. So there’s a bunch — Bob Rock is always incredible, Nick Raskulinecz … So it’s just a case of trying to figure out everyone’s schedules. But I’m excited to make it.”

“I think the studios have just gotten better [since Sixteen Stone], so I can demo [the songs] up and [make them] sound really powerful,” he said. “So I think demoing, in a way, is a bit more fun, but it all comes down to being creative, and nothing beats the alchemy of a chord structure and then words that mean something. No matter how the technology is, whatever technological context you’re in, it’s just when you have something interesting to say and it sounds good.”

Rossdale went on to say that he gets “harder” on himself during the creative phase “because I know I have less time left to mess around and there’s other things to be done outside of being in the studio and being exploratory for three months. That’s why I wanted to write the record when I came off a tour at Christmas — I just went in and spent two months and wrote 10 songs. And then, I was done with that job, and that then allows us to go and play live and think about the whole live thing and then get into the studio with the new songs.”