Cannibal Corpse Reacts To Bold Red Hot Chili Peppers Claim


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea revealed that he listened to a Cannibal Corpse record for the first time last fall, giving the band’s 1992 classic “Tomb of the Mutilated” a listen. He said, “THIS SHIT IS F**KING INSANE!!!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!WHAAAAAAAA”

Cannibal Corpse vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher discussed the comment on Mosh Talks, “It’s crazy! Having done this for so long and meeting some of the bands we met and the people we met, and hearing that they’re fans of us, we’re just like, ‘Holy shit!’ You would just never think of it.

“You just expect, and this is not a detriment to our fans because I love them, and they come in all shapes, and sizes, and ages, and backgrounds, and ethnicities, and everything, we toured all over the world, but there is a general look that you would assume as a Cannibal Corpse fan.

“And then there are just some people, I met so many people in Target that are just normal looking people – they have a baseball hat on, or they just have just a normal haircut, they’re wearing a Budweiser shirt or something, or just a polo shirt…

“And they’re like, ‘Hey, you are a singer of Cannibal Corpse!’ And you’re like, ‘How the hell do you know who I am?’ ‘Oh man, I’m a big fan!’ You just never know. Metal has evolved into that, anybody can be a metalhead and you just wouldn’t know.

“Before there was this… not like there were rules that you had to stick by, there were kids that didn’t have long hair that went to shows, you didn’t beat them up. A lot of those kids were punk kids and hardcore kids, and it was all crossing over. You wouldn’t get beat up for shirts.

“If you did, I would never condone that, and fuck anybody who did that, you’re an asshole if you do that. Unless your shirt said something really, really bad, then I could tell them to go fuck themselves.

“But nowadays metalheads are just hiding, or just creeping around, and you don’t even know when someone is. It used to be you would see somebody walking down the street – long hair, and he’s got a Judas Priest shirt…

“Now, I could just drive past some people who could be listening to Ozzy Osbourne in there, taking a walk down the street listening to Ozzy through their headphones, and you wouldn’t even know.

“He just looks like a normal person. So, metalheads, we have infiltrated all the planet Earth. It is a great thing.”