Chester Bennington Could Be Buried Next To Chris Cornell


Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington might get an eternal resting spot right next to his dear friend, Chris Cornell.
TMZ has learned the burial plot beside Cornell at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is available … and a source at the cemetery tells us they expect Chester’s family to call about buying it.

Chester was very close with the Soundgarden frontman … he performed “Hallelujah” at his funeral, and had a difficult time coping with his death.

Bennington and Cornell died in eerily similar ways. Bennington also killed himself on what would have been Chris’ 53rd birthday.

Chester Bennington’s suicide was a shock to bandmates, because the group had plans for a photo shoot in Hollywood just hours after the Linkin Park singer was found hanging at his home.

Multiple sources tell TMZ … Chester hanged himself in his bedroom. His body was discovered shortly before 9 AM PT Thursday by a housekeeper.

TMZ were told Chester arrived back in L.A. Wednesday from Arizona, where he and his wife were spending time. She stayed in AZ, but his return suggests the singer took his life Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

TMZ sources say one of his bandmates showed up at Chester’s Palos Verdes Estates home shortly after police arrived. He said he was driving Chester to the photo shoot and was “absolutely shocked.”

The band also has plans to tour in 1 week, which made the suicide all the more shocking.

  • Cathy


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  • Eddie Yarler

    I loved Linkin Park so much when I was a teenager. I never hated them or grew out of them, but as their material got weaker and weaker, I gradually drifted away. The passed two albums were some of the most disappointing albums I’ve ever heard by a band I loved. Yet now I can’t stop feeling like I took them for granted. I always assumed they would just bounce back and make something cool later. As I’m listening to their music, I can’t stop thinking about how its over. I thought we’d have them for decades to come. With Chester gone I feel so sad, especially as I listen to his music. He never seemed as broken as someone like Jonathan Davis or Corey Taylor, and now I wish he vented that anger out more. I don’t feel as sad as I died when Scott Weiland passed, but it is very close. Iridescent got me through the very same thoughts that killed Chester, and I wish he had thought of anything else this Thursday. Fuck.

    • Kay B

      It is all heart breaking. The problem is this country doesn’t do enough for the mentally ill. Not all can be helped but I wish they would focus on it as much as health care and national defense. Plus it doesn’t help when there is such a stigma about it. I work surgery and if our patient happens to have bipolar or depression or any of the like some of the staff or even docs are like”Oh great another crazy.” Usually these people are more nervous and have many other issues and tons of allergies which we have to treat them special for. I have bipolar and I would be a wreak in surgery too. But some staff see it as a pain in the neck. I have to often remind medical staff that we are to treat every patient the same and with the best care no matter what illness they have. Not everyone I work with knows I have this but through the years I have been open with it because I tell them flat out, what if you worked with someone with a mental illness? Maybe you should be more respectful. You never know if the person next to you does.

      • Olga Stewart

        Kay B, thank you for standing up not only for those patients but for the rest of us who are mentally ill (of which I am one).

        It does mean a lot.

        • Kay B

          Thank you for your comments Olga. Hopefully mental awareness can be brought up to the front burner after these tragedies.

    • Joe Costigan

      Linkin Park was a band that reminded me of my late teen/early 20s – my college years. I was never really into them besides their well known singles so their is that connection with their music and that time in my life. I always thought he had a really strong voice and seemed to be a really nice, genuine, grounded person. The way he handled his STP stint with alot of respect and appreciate for Scott made me realize what a good person he was without any ego.

      It’s terrible that he has died – two months after Chris Cornell. One would think that Chris’s death would of been a wakeup call to him about suicide but he decided to go through with it – it’s not something I can understand or legitimize. I just know he had a great voice, was a good person and leaves behind a large family