Rush Singer Leaks ‘Skinny’ Alex Lifeson Photo


BREAKING NEWS: The final Neil Peart photo before his death has surfaced.

Rush recently unveiled an Alex Lifeson bobblehead on Instagram. Rush Icon Neil Peart Spotted With A-List Actress.

“Happy National BobbleHead Day! Available at,” the caption read.

Rush reddit user By-Tor X1 says, “I don’t care how ridiculously goofy these look, as the band actually did during the era, I like them and already made my pre-order. It’s Rush.”

Sasken disagrees: “Generally I’m on the “buy anything Rush-related” bandwagon, but not in this case. I guess if you squint, it sorta kinda looks like Neil. But the other two aren’t even close.”

Geddy Lee reveals disturbing Rush bandmate demand. In other Rush news, the reviews are in and fans can’t stop talking about Geddy Lee’s new book – ‘Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass’. One fan stated: “As someone who has written about basses, bass history and bass players for a major instrument manufacturer for many years, I have to say that this is hands-down the finest bass book I’ve ever seen (and that’s saying a lot because I have ’em all). Geddy Lee’s enjoyment of and reverence for the instrument comes through on every page, with sincere appreciation, great humor and keen attention to detail. Equally delightful are his personal thoughts on how someone who was never really a bass collector becomes such a thoughtful one and his account of how such a high-profile musician goes from really not knowing all that much about the history of his instrument to being avidly well-versed in it.

Geddy Lee was savagely disrespected by Rush fan at a restaurant recently. The fan continued: “His interviews with other bass players are super cool, both for the conversations in themselves and for the fact that he enlists players you might be charmingly surprised to see him hanging with (Jeff Tweedy, Adam Clayton, and Bill Wyman, for example — how cool is that?). The collection is jaw-dropping. The writing provides a terrific glimpse into who he is and what he does, and the photography is stunning. His enthusiasm for the instrument, for becoming a collector of them, and for creating such a lavish volume is a real joy for me, and I really can’t thank him enough for this book. It’s the new height of essential.”