Chester Bennington’s Ex-Wife ‘Supports’ Criticism Of Mike Shinoda


Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s sister Tobi recently criticized his bandmate Mike Shinoda on Twitter, claiming he has been ‘insincere’ and was unkind to Chester, and that they weren’t ‘best friends.’ She later deleted her Twitter account.

Chester’s niece Alyssa Morse appeared to react by tweeting, “Lol false news.”

Chester’s ex-wife Samantha is now weighing in on Instagram.

A fan asked her on Instagram, “Sam, did you read the last tweet from Tobi B?”

Samantha Bennington responded, “My sister-in-law speaks the truth I just got off the phone with her and my son and I support her! We have many things of our own to say and we will speak them publicly when we’re ready! Our family stands strong!!!”

It’s important to note that Chester and Samantha got married in 1996 and they divorced in 2005, so most of her time around the band was during the Hybrid Theory and Meteora eras. Samantha criticized Chester’s widow Talinda last year on Facebook, accusing her of ‘disgusting behavior’ and being ‘evil.’

Chester’s friend and former Grey Daze bandmate Sean Dowdell wrote in response at the time on Twitter, “You don’t know Sam so you are speaking on something you don’t know. She is a lying deceitful human. Chester hated her and only got along good enough for his son. The band hated her, nobody will agree with her version of events.”

Tobi Bennington wrote on Twitter on Saturday, “Watching everyone talk about my brother and Mike has been causing me to have anxiety attacks and it feels cruel at times. I’m sorry for the pain this will cause. I need to take the bandage off. I pray you will support me. ???”

“This does hurt and I’m sorry. The focus needs to be on LP as a whole. Not as separate relationships. As a whole, LP had a solid bond. Individually this was not the case. I can’t pretend any longer. ?”

“Individually they were not all ‘brothers’ but as for LP, that was a brotherhood. They were not best friends. Knowing how Mike treated my brother… It wasn’t kind. For the sake of LP they maintained a united front. And it worked but now the lie needs to stop. ?”

“It’s only slander if it’s not true. And I know what I’m talking about is the truth. ?”

“For the good of the order, LP was a unified brotherhood. The same cannot be said for individual relationships. The two of them were not best friends. ?”

“Insincere actions and saccharine sweet words. I was too traumatized then to speak up. Honestly, I thought the charade was over but he only spoke louder. He was rewarded for his “pain.” And now the charade is growing and it needs to stop. ?”

She later deleted her Twitter account. Chester Bennington tweeted in 2014, “Of course I love Mike. He’s one of my closest friends. He’s a genius and he’s a great person. What’s not to love?”

Talinda Bennington has not responded to any of the latest news, though she did just write an article about mental health issues.

She tweeted on Monday about a new USA Today article she has written, “Here an article I co-wrote w/ Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen. I hope you take what you can from it and it lifts you up in some way ❤️ #makechesterproud #320changesdirection – “How’s your mental health? Ending the suicide epidemic begins by caring for ourselves.”

Talinda wrote in the article, “The number of lives lost to suicide is shocking and the impact on survivors is devastating. Indeed, friends and family of those who take their lives often struggle for years trying to make sense of the loss — sometimes blaming themselves for not saving their loved one.

And the children of those who die by suicide are at increased risk for mental health challenges themselves, given the trauma and confusion they experience when a parent seemingly “chooses” to abandon them.

We tend to accept some suicide as unavoidable and inevitable. Many people believe that mental illness, depression and addiction are conditions that cannot be prevented, addressed or effectively treated. But mental health conditions and substance use disorders can be treated even if we can’t always prevent them. People can — and do — heal, recover and live productive lives despite the challenges. It’s time to normalize the need to care for our mental health. Suicide can be prevented.”

Talinda and Mike Shinoda recently filmed a suicide prevention PSA for ABC together.

Mike Shinoda released his debut solo album Post Traumatic this year, and he has frequently praised and paid tribute to Chester. He has yet to respond to Tobi’s comments.

Chester Bennington died by suicide in July 2017. You can visit 320 Changes Direction for mental health resources.