Chester Bennington Sings For Audioslave In AI Video


AI is making significant strides in the music industry, from helping musicians create new sounds to reviving the voices of deceased artists. While the moral standpoint still is split, it’s intriguing to hear alternate takes on classic songs with various singers.

One example of AI being used to bring back the voice of a deceased musician is the case of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Cobain has been thrown into tons of songs as of late ranging from songs originally by Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, REM, and even Hole. The result has been the creation of haunting tracks that sounded like it could have been lost audio of Cobain practicing to these songs.

Similarly, the late Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington have experienced the same treatment. In this instance below, we get to hear ‘Show Me How To Live,’ in the style of Bennington and Cornell. In this AI rendition, we get to hear Chester take on the verses as Cornell belts out the entire chorus. It’s really a treat for the ears as these two mesh together so well both in the AI world and as they did when they were still with us.

While the idea of AI-generated music and voices may be controversial to some, it is an exciting time for the music industry. AI has the potential to help musicians create new sounds and push the boundaries of what we consider music. It also has the ability to revive the voices of beloved artists who have passed away, allowing their music to live on for future generations to enjoy. However, it remains to be seen how this technology will be used and how it will impact the music industry in the long term and if it will become more-so than a quick click on mash-up videos.