Ex-Pearl Jam Drummer ‘Looked The Other Way’ At 9/11, Says America ‘Kills Its Own People’


Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese shared a Lastrealindians video on Facebook yesterday and wrote the following:

“I am not trying to anger anyone. this is what my 8th grade educated brain is gifting me to share with my daughter during her 13th year of life.

I want her to understand who I am, before she sees this country the way that I do. Then maybe on this man, she will see the effects of this country.

…and come to understand.

How does it feel to turn and look away?

I know. I faced my helplessness when I looked the other way at 9/11. There is a better way than the ways of these days. The United States Government still kills its own people every single day. More of its citizens are in jail than any other country in the world. Yet still the crime rate is at the top of the charts. The USA is broke. Trillion dollar deficit… …yet still has a budget for the war on drugs that sacrifices education, libraries, health care and social security. For what? So they can stop an estimated 5 – 10% of the drugs that come into America each year?

We the people, the citizens of the USA need to right the wrongs of our past. The USA stole the land from those who were here before. The USA committed genocide on the native peoples of North America. Spend a few dollars and take your pipeline and go around. The USA will never be great again. To be great again, implies the USA has been great before.

This country was great before it was raped, murdered & enslaved.

Its time to stop trying to fix things by shaking them up.

Hopefully people with see that doesnt work…never has.

Educate America Now.

Thats my rally cry.

Educate Americans Now.

Thats the only thing that is going to create a greatness.

No more lies.”