Eddie Vedder Drops Bill Murray Sexual Bombshell


Eddie Vedder defended Bill Murray from accusations at Pearl Jam’s show in Los Angeles on Saturday night. BF25394 wrote on the PearlJam.com forums:

I’m pretty sure that “Unthought Known” was the only song from the fans’ list that was played. The other songs on the list were “Brother,” “Severed Hand,” “Untitled/MFC,” “Fatal,” “Tremor Christ,” “Breakerfall,” “Pilate” (I think), “Marker in the Sand” and “Strangest Tribe.” I might be forgetting one.

This whole thing was rather funny. When Ed pointed to “Unthought Known” on the list to tell Jeff they were going to play it, Jeff looked at him and said, “Now?!”

It was an incredible evening, albeit a little schizophrenic from the vantage point of the pit because of a few people that caused trouble and derailed things a couple of times. Three guys tried to rush the front of the pit during “Even Flow” and they got removed, but only after a couple of us had to act as bouncers. I was not expecting to have to do that tonight. Then, during “Indifference,” another guy who was livestreaming the whole show and getting in everyone else’s space with his phone tried to start a fight when a woman (rightfully) complained that he kept bumping her in the head as he reached over her to film. Between these two incidents, it was a pretty phenomenal experience but during them, it was chaos and really took me out of the show.

The Taylor Hawkins tribute sounded great. “Glorified G” (this was my 66th show and that was only the third time I’ve ever seen it played live) and “Leash” were just nailed. There wasn’t much Gigaton tonight, but all three songs were standouts. It was great to hear “Take the Long Way” for the first time since Ohana. “Mind Your Manners” was very high energy and a lot of fun. “Garden” was another highlight.

The most awkward moment of the night was Eddie passionately defending his friend Bill Murray against accusations of inappropriate behavior with a female colleague and then seguing into “Better Man,” a song about a woman in an abusive relationship. I don’t know much about the details of the Murray situation– I’m not sure anyone not directly involved knows exactly what is alleged to have happened– but this seemed awkward, and I don’t think I was the only one who thought so. According to a friend who was closer to Stone in the pit, Stone was kind of grimacing as Ed was talking about this and making a hand gesture as if to say. “I don’t approve of this message.”