Chester Bennington’s Mother Knows ‘Truth’ About Linkin Park Drama


Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s sister Tobi posted criticism of Mike Shinoda on Twitter last weekend, and a few days later made additional comments on Instagram. Tobi said that Shinoda was acting ‘insincere’ and that he was never ‘best friends’ with her brother.

“As I’ve previously stated, the band is/was a brotherhood. Unity was part of their message. No lies there. When the message was about LP, for the good of the order, the charade was played. Behind the scenes was a different story.”

She said she was ‘betraying her brother’ by staying silent about the matter. She said Shinoda had been ‘rewarded’ for his pain, and that it is ‘a charade that is growing and needs to stop.’ Chester’s ex-wife Samantha posted on Instagram that she supports Tobi and backs up her claims. Tobi claimed on Instagram that her Twitter was hacked after she made her posts, and that she was ‘silenced.’ Mike Shinoda has yet to respond.

A new tweet has surfaced from Chester’s mother Susan Eubanks from last weekend right after Tobi tweeted her initial criticism of Shinoda and saying ‘someday the truth will come out.’

Susan tweeted to Tobi on December 1st, “I know it may take some time but the truth will come out! ?”

She has also sent out other recent tweets about Chester.

“That video is so beautiful! Chester’s best friend stopped by tonight to visit me!! I am so happy – I have no words!! He will stay until tomorrow! Great weekend – we might need to talk on Sunday… looking so forward to talking with you!”

“He was a great cook!”

“Just about anything but main dishes were some of his best.”

“I know he was a Rockstar! But whenever we got to spend time together he was just my lovely baby boy! Love the pic! He loved to perform! He loved all of you!!”

“#LPFamily, I wanted to share my favorite drawing of Chester today! It is my favorite because it looks like Chester looked when he came into my kitchen! Not a rock star but my son! Enjoy! #OfficialChesterDay, #CelebrateChestersLife, #EndTheStigma”

“I will never forget him! He is in my thoughts everyday! I cry everyday – I just don’t post it. But nothing makes it better… I thank all of you for remembering my son everyday! Love all of you! ❤️?????”