Chris Cornell 911 Call Surfaces


A 911 call made from a medic at the scene of Chris Cornell’s death in his Detroit MGM Grand Hotel room from 1:30AM on May 18th has surfaced on Jack Klompus’ YouTube via a police scanner. The audio has actually been online since Cornell’s suicide on May 18th, but it hasn’t surfaced to the media and was not properly labeled until now.

The caller states, “I’m on scene with a 53-year old male, 53-year old male pulse [inaudible] on arrival with crew.”

“Unknown downtime, found by a roommate in a hotel at MGM.”

“Patient did have a exercise rubber band around his neck. Suggestions of a possible strangulation, trauma to the back of the head. History of depression. Patient is cool to the touch in all areas at this time. Pulse [inaudible], been on scene for over 30 minutes at this time.”

“Pupils are fixed and dilated. IO in the right knee, ligature marks on his neck, he have established a patent airway, [inaudible] tube.”

“We’re not able to resuscitate at this time, so we’re asking for pronouncement.”

Note that these descriptions fit the ruling of suicide, which investigators later made. The call is below at 7:06:35.