Pearl Jam Open Up About ‘Heartbreaking’ Events: ‘We Are Feeling All Of This’


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard posted the following on

There is so much happening in the world right now … a seemingly endless string of heartbreaking events … it feels relentless … forest fires across the western United States and Canada … hurricanes, floods and wreckage in Texas and the southeastern States and the Caribbean … the hate marches and violence erupting in Charlottesville now cropping up around the country … the earthquake in Mexico … the threat of nuclear war from North Korea … the famine in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria … the ethnic-cleansing in Myanmar (formerly Burma) … the recent devastation in India, Nepal, Bangladesh … the ongoing conflict in the Middle East … and more. So much more.

We wish we could reach out to each one of you individually because we know you’re likely hurting from one or more of these things. Please know we are feeling all this too and thinking about everyone and trying to do as many things as we can to help as many people as possible. We know you’re all doing the same. Hang on to each other …