Billy Corgan Confirms Stunning Nirvana Performance


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has confirmed that he has covered Nirvana, but unfortunately, he has only done it at home with no plans to do it in public. He mentioned it during a recent Instagram story Q&A about his new solo album and tour. This has nothing to do with our April Fool’s Day story from earlier this year that Corgan bought the Nirvana name to take over for Kurt Cobain.

Have you ever covered Nirvana before?

“Only at home.”

How do you get ready for a tour? How do you stay mentally and physically strong throughout?

“My voice is strong from so much SP studio singing so the rest is just raw memorization.”

Satisfied with how the solo album came together?

“I think the new, double album is a beautiful kind of movie taken as a whole, which is why it will be released all at once.”

Cover song suggestion: It’s My Life, by Talk Talk.

“Nice one. I first fell in love with that song in St. Pete, Florida in 1985.”

Any pre-Gish gems?

“I’d really like to do a series focused on certain eras. Hopefully I could do a set of pre-Gish songs at ZuZu’s 2.0.”

Billy Corgan revealed why he’s ‘done’ with D’arcy Wretzky a few weeks ago. Corgan recently said about the 24th anniversary of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, “Wanted to thank everyone for the incredible outpouring I received yesterday on the 24th anno of Mellon Collie (with over 4,700+ comments and counting). I worked very hard to make an album that would last in a way that far different from the shiny idealism of Siamese, and in many ways you could say that the terrain covered between Siamese, Mellon Collie, and Adore has set the template for almost all the music I’ve made that has followed.

But what makes MCIS special to me is the breadth of the songs, and it’s honesty. And it strikes me that it’s also the kind of honesty that is rare, and really offered on so grand a stage. So again, my deep appreciation for you, and your listening. It makes all the world’s spin over here, and keeps the flame burning for more to be found.” Billy Corgan reacted to the new Tool album last month.