Chris Cornell Allegedly Given Drugs At Surprising Concert


A man named Eric who worked for Chris Cornell’s management group in the past gave a declaration for Cornell’s alleged drug dealer’s lawsuit against former Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim Commerford in the mid-2000’s, where an August 2002 confrontation between Commerford and the alleged drug dealer was the subject of the case, as Commerford was frustrated that the man was allegedly giving pills to Cornell.

Cornell got clean around this time, but years later his widow Vicky claims he relapsed on the prescription drug Ativan, and says it played a role in his May 2017 death. She is suing his doctor for allegedly overprescribing the drug. You can go to to to find a local Narcotics Anonymous meeting if you are struggling. You can also visit the Addiction Resource Center for Chris.

Eric said, “During this same time frame, [the alleged drug dealer] always had a supply of OxyContin and he would offer OxyContin to the people who were in Mr. Cornell’s circle of friends. [The alleged drug dealer] had a variety of OxyContin pills in different strengths. Our nickname for [the alleged drug dealer] was ‘Rattler,’ because when musicians and friends were at the dealership to play music or for a barbecue or party, [the alleged drug dealer] would middle through the crowd shaking his bottle of OxyContin sounding like a rattlesnake, showing it off.

During this same time frame (approximately 2000-2002), I went to see a comedian, Eddie Izzard, at the ACT theater in Seattle with [the alleged drug dealer], Mr. Cornell, and another friend. [Redacted] brought a supply of OxyContin to the show and shared it with all of us.

On another occasion, I personally witnessed [the alleged drug dealer] packing a Federal Express box with a bottle of OxyContin pills wrapped up in a magazine. [The alleged drug dealer] stated that he was sending the package to Mr. Cornell at his place in Ojai, California.”