Chris Cornell Bandmate Makes Heartbreaking Money Claim


Soundgarden recently posted an interview clip of bassist Ben Shepherd to promote the new ‘Live at the Artists Den’ release. The concert took place at Los Angeles’ intimate Wiltern venue, and aired on PBS in 2013. Shepherd’s interview was conducted in 2013, as the band toured their final album with Chris Cornell, King Animal.

Shepherd praised the Wiltern, saying he’d never been there before and he loves it. He said the sound is great, which made him happy for the fans. He also said he was thrilled to play at an intimate venue

“I’ve never even heard of [The Wiltern] until we got to town. This is a great place, I like it.”

He also said, “I love it, it’s really cool. I think it sounds good here too. That’s what I care about more for the fans, to be able to hear everything correctly. It seems more like a gift for the fans I guess, to get to play at an intimate place, and warm up.”

Soundgarden posted the clip on Instagram with the caption: “‘It’s more like a gift to the fans.’- Ben Shepherd

Soundgarden: Live from the @artistsden. Tickets/store/details: [link in bio].”

A fan named mr.t.santiago commented, “Thanks for the $80 gift.”

Shepherd wrote a response, which he later deleted, where he described how musicians don’t even make a lot of money off of releases like this.

“Then don’t pay – it was all on PBS first, which I’m guessing you don’t support. That quote is completely out of context. Anyway, I’m sure knowing how they edit, hahaha. Sounds nice and arrogant though doesn’t it? Plus 80 bucks doesn’t go to the band at all. It goes to the pop star making and killing machine paradigm. A mere pittance is tossed at the feet of everyone involved that created or worked or put their soul or time away from loved ones or family into it. Bitch to and at others. So get a real quote to post or just shut the fuck up, good or bad.”