Watch Pearl Jam Perform “Black” For Stone Temple Pilots Lookalike


Photo: Brett Buchanan for Alternative Nation

Pearl Jam recently had a fan join them onstage for “Black” at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Sjors van Bree from Valkenswaard. Sjors happens to look quite a bit like Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo, you can see a photo below.

ED reports Sjors temporarily changed his name to George to make it easier for Americans to understand. He has been a fan of Pearl Jam for 24 years and looked forward to the two concerts in the Ziggo Dome for a long time. He said, “We went to the big hotels in Amsterdam hoping to get a glimpse of the band members and after a while it was hit,” says Van Bree (translated, so a rough quote). “The security said it was unique that we had succeeded in this way.”

The band members were just on their way to the concert venue and before they got in the car, Van Bree and his girlfriend saw Eddie Vedder. “My heart really went wild, but Eddie Vedder was so calm and cool. Really a super warm and spontaneous guy. It was as if he met fans for the first time.”

Van Bree quickly showed the tattoo on his left arm to the singer. “Hey, that’s my handwriting!” Vedder reacted enthusiastically, “Super cool man!” On the tattoo is the text ‘Tattooed everything’, a lyric from the song “Black”.

“That song means so much to me,” says Van Bree, “about all the memories that have been tattooed in your brain, memories of life, I told him that and I thanked him for all his music, for every mood. ”

Van Bree and his girlfriend were enjoying the concert until Eddie Vedder suddenly started talking on stage about a song with tattoos and love, and a man he met today: George. “Black” started. “That was incredible. I could not believe my ears,” says Van Bree. “I became so emotional that I had to cry.”