Eddie Vedder ‘Messes Up’ Pearl Jam Classic: ‘It Wasn’t Funny’

Photo by Brett Buchanan for AlternativeNation.net

Eddie Vedder screwed up his performance of the Eddie Vedder classic “I Am Mine” at the Ohana Festival in Dana Point, California last weekend. Eddie Vedder was hit on by a surprising rock icon at the festival.

PJinIL satan’s bed wrote on the Ten Club board, “Been trying to get on here to post a review, just haven’t made time. First trip to Ohana and I’m already looking forward to next year! The venue was great, I liked the side by side stage setup. And appreciated they designated areas for laying blankets and beach towels to keep the area closer to the stage from becoming a sea of unattended placeholders.

The only complaint I had was with the general process of getting in on Saturday (the only day we went). We arrived early as to get a poster, etc, and merch seemed to run pretty smoothly. But we waited in one line. THen they moved us to wait in another line. Then when we thought we were going to get in, we started moving into lanes for checking bags and getting the wand. But then all was halted again. That part seemed pretty unorganized. I shouldn’t be surprised that adults are running and trying to scurry past one another or circumvent the wand for rail, or inside merch, whatever, but the crazies were there. Like a bunch of teeny-boppers at a New Kids show. (Eddie Vedder filming a weird video with his ex-wife was recently revealed)

Most importantly, the music and sound was great. I’d seen Glen a number of times, and he was stellar. I honestly didn’t know much about the earlier acts of the day, but I don’t think there was an act I didn’t enjoy. Incubus was better than I’d anticipated. I like them, but not in a way I seek them out. As a casual fan, I thought the setlist was good and I heard more songs of theirs I knew than I thought I might.

Eddie came out and I don’t know if it was nerves, or what, but he had to restart a song or two, messed up lyrics a few times in the first few songs. Jitters? This is to be expected by now that he’ll miss some stuff, but it happened in a small period of time and went just past the “ha ha, that’s funny and cute” point. But about that time, he found something, and it was smooth sailing and 100% fire for the evening. My highlight was probably when he came out during Glen’s set and played Smile. A song that has a soft place in my heart, so was really awesome.

Red Limo was a superb addition. He’s had strings on his solo tours before in the US, but not in as big a role as I recall. As others have stated, this is a good addition with a solo show that while amazing, needs some mixing up. Indifference had a really awesome feel to it, almost bluesy. Walking the Cow was incredible. I’ve known the song for 15-20 years from some bootleg, but never knew the story of the songwriter.

Stories. Some get impatient with the storytelling, but it’s what keeps me coming back to Ed’s solo shows. He did a pretty good job of not going into a lot of political territory. That doesn’t bother me, but it was evident he was trying to keep some peace and encourage participation in the process rather than blast anyone in particular. (Glen, also a great storyteller).

RIAFW, love the song, loved even more that it was a shortened version 🙂 The only thing good about that 10:00 curfew was forcing that song to not go 7 minutes + lol.” A massive rumored Pearl Jam European tour date has leaked.