Chris Cornell’s Brother Is Doing Something Beautiful That ‘He Will Never Have Chance To Do’


Chris Cornell’s brother Peter recently shared emotional photos and a story about reconnecting with his father, and a fan named Rhonda wrote a touching comment.

Rhonda wrote to Peter, “I am of the same generation as you & Chris and my father was also hard core. We kids (3 of us) could not make a sound when my dad was at home. We had chores, rules and he was the ruler. He believed in corporal punishment and boy did we receive it. My brother & sister were older than me so they split as soon as they turned 18. My mom & dad divorced when I was 13 and honest to God I felt like a ton of weight has been lifted from me. We lived in fear when my dad was at home. I didnt have much contact with him for about 20 yrs. It wasnt until I was in my 40s that I realized my dad was never loved as a kid so he never knew how to love. I forgave him because I needed to move on. He had a beautiful granddaughter who was about to graduate HS and enter college and I wanted him to be a part of her life…so Im happy we reconciled. He passed away 9 years ago and im so thankful I was able to let go of all the pain. Forgiveness is as much for you as it is for the one you’re forgiving.

We as fans loved Chris and miss him, but you had a brotherly bond with him. If one good thing can come from his loss, I hope it mends broken hearts and family relations. Im positive he would have forgiven your dad as well…maybe he already had.

Much love to you & your family.”

Peter responded, “Rhonda. So much of our stories are so very similar. You humble me by taking the time to share your honesty and vulnerability. My Brother’s passing changed the landscape of ALL my relationships good and bad.”

“I feel I owe it to him to mend all my fences as he will never have the chance to do so. Much love to you and your family. PC”