Chris Cornell’s Daughter Asks Fans To Stop Commenting About ‘Pain And Sadness’


Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni has asked that fans stop posting comments on her Instagram page about ‘loss and pain and sadness’ as she continues to mourn the loss of her father.

She wrote on Instagram, “I’d appreciate it if people stopped commenting about loss and pain and sadness and sending condolences. Yes, I will ALWAYS mourn the loss of my father but I created this acc to get away from that kind of stuff. Just because I captioned an emoji of a dying rose, does not mean I’m sad. It’s an emoji for crying out loud. Thank you and Love you guys always.”

She posted a new photo of a dying rose with the caption, “I’m appalled by my own language for crying out loud ?.”

Toni also recently responded to a comment on his Instagram page criticizing Chris Cornell’s new MoPOP statue in Seattle. The entire Cornell family have been victims of online bullying since the legendary Soundgarden singer died in May 2017.

“You know this because you knew my Dad? How can you make such a comment when you never even met him? As his daughter I can tell you he would be honored and so proud that his contribution to music, to Seattle and to his fans was recognized and commemorated. My father was a great man and he deserves all the accolades and recognition for who he was and what he did. If anything he deserves more so please do us a favor and don’t speak on behalf of our father. The ENTIRE Cornell Family (the Seattle side included) is so proud of him, this statue and my mom for making this possible.”

She later discussed his admiration for the John Lennon statues he saw, and how Chris deserves to get in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Soundgarden.

“Actually he thought the fact Yoko Ono put statues of his hero John Lennon everywhere was awesome so wrong again he actually has said that publicly. And yes my dad did feel very proud and honored for every award he was nominated for. Why is it ok for others to be inducted in the Rock and Roll hall of fame and embrace it and our dad doesn’t deserve or it’s not ok for him to have wanted that too. You must be the same people who tore him apart over Scream a record he loved and was proud of.”