Nirvana Wanted To Avoid Ripping Off Pearl Jam In Hilarious Way


The Ringer have up a new article that features a hilarious quip Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic made about Pearl Jam doing MTV Unplugged in a new article.

Charles R. Cross: He was used to being on stage and getting applause and having people go crazy and slam dance. So the audience acting very, very quietly was confusing to him.

Amy Finnerty: He eventually came around.

Beth McCarthy-Miller: I couldn’t stop listening to it. I would have the VHS screeners at home and I’d just put them on my TV and listen to them at night.

Curt Kirkwood: I remember being interviewed after the show with Novoselic. They were asking us about if they were gonna release this. And Krist, I think he said, “No, Pearl Jam already did it.” And I thought that was funny.

Scott Litt: There might have been a thought of making an album out of it because they were so happy with it. But when Kurt and the band found out that MTV would receive a significant amount percentage-wise from the album sales, he said we should just go across the street to another studio and record it again!

Alex Coletti: It only took on this huge resonance when Kurt died, and when we played it around the clock because it was such an appropriate elegy. I think the demand for it grew exponentially. At that point, no one wanted to seem opportunistic. And I imagine we waited an appropriate [amount of] time to get [the album] done.