New Stone Temple Pilots Singer Reveals What Scott Weiland Taught Him


New Stone Temple Pilots singer Jeff Gutt discussed what Scott Weiland taught him in a new Recordnet interview.

As a high school kid, Gutt played guitar in a band but eventually put it down and became a lead singer. His band, Dry Cell, landed a record deal with Warner Brothers in 2000.

“After that experience, I needed a little break from the music industry, the whole concept, the whole idea, the whole business side,” Gutt said. “I had a (newborn) son (Talon, now 10) and I went home to be a father to him. I was teaching him music, showing him my dad’s records and I fell in love with music all over again. Four years removed, I figured the easiest way to get out there, to make a splash, was to go on TV.”

He appeared on “X Factor” in 2012, lasting two weeks, then finished second in 2013.

The transition to STP music, he said, wasn’t too difficult for him, and he doesn’t try to be Weiland or Bennington. What he does try to do is embody the characters Weiland created when he sang the songs.

“The one thing Scott taught me more than anything, and he had a lot of influence as far as singing, what I learned from Scott is a sense of freedom. He was so fearless and free with how he approached writing and how he approached the stage. He had no fear. He was uninhibited. I try to bring that. I feel I’m honoring him that way.”