Chris Cornell Family Reacts To Courtney Love LGBT Revelation


Hole frontwoman and Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love recently uploaded a past video of herself discussing the gay community, as we are in Pride month. Late Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni commented on the video. Courtney Love described crying for Chris Cornell the day he died in May 2017.

Love said, “I think that great personal style is being true to yourself and speaking your mind, and since I’m up here, I’m going to do, my little moment.

I feel that keeping gay people in the closet with our attitudes and our actions is cruel, and it’s tacky, and most of all, it’s boring. I think that we really need to respect each other, and ourselves, and respect who we are and what we are, and not be afraid to be what we are, whether we’re gay, straight, or insane, or Irish.

I guess 1997 and respecting each other’s sexuality is about the coolest thing I can think of, except legalizing hemp and not legalizing fur. I love you Frances [Bean Cobain]!”

Toni Cornell commented, “❤️❤️.”

Toni Cornell also recently posted a photo of her late father’s guitar case.

“I don’t think I quite fit in my dads guitar case anymore 😂💙”

Vicky Cornell commented, “You’re a real piece of work-nice try😂 love you so….you will always be my ‘baby Toni’ 💕”

Courtney Love wrote to producer Michael Beinhorn the day Chris Cornell died in May 2017, “I’ve been thinking of you all day. The very reason I sought you out was Superunknown- and Chris, such a gent. So lovely always to me. Not like the other boys. I’m bummed and saddened for his family and band.”

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