Paul McCartney Confronted By Big Name For Alleged Ripoff


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney discussed the late Fela Kuti in a rare video Wale Gates tweeted this week. Wale Gates wrote, “In 1973 Paul McCartney (Beatles) was in Lagos 🇳🇬 to record his 3rd studio album. Fela wasn’t too pleased about it and he said Paul was in Africa to steal the black man’s music….. #Fela #FelaKuti #FelaLivesOn.” A bold list of demands for an upcoming Paul McCartney event surfaced yesterday.

McCartney discussed going to Lagos, Africa to record ‘Band on the Run’ and how he was first accused of stealing African music. Alternative Nation transcribed McCartney’s remarks.

“The first thing that happened to me is I was accused of stealing the black man’s music. ‘He’s come here to steal the music.’ So I said, ‘Who is doing that?’ It was in the newspaper, and it was Fela, of course.

So I got his number and rang him up and said, ‘Hey man, come on. I’m not here to do that, I just love the idea. I love African music, I just want the kind of atmosphere, but I’m certainly not stealing your music.’ He came around to the studio, and I played him all my stuff. He said, ‘Nothing like African music.’ We became good friends.” McCartney called out an ‘amateur’ performance over the weekend.