Chris Cornell Final Messages Before Death Explored On Autopsy Special


Some of Chris Cornell’s final Twitter messages from before his death in May 2017 are discussed on Autopsy: The Last Hours of Chris Cornell, set for premiere on Sunday on the Reelz Channel at 9PM EST. Alternative Nation was sent an advance copy of the episode. His Mother’s Day tweets to his wife Vicky and mother-in-law Toni are discussed, as is his deep love for Vicky and her Greek family.

The narrator says, “On Sunday May 14, 2017 in Kansas City, three days before Chris Cornell’s death. Chris is backstage during a gig at the Starlight Theater. He sends Mother’s Day messages to his wife, and to his mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis. Chris has been married to second wife Vicky Cornell for 13 years. They have two children, Toni, 12, and Christopher Nicolas, 11.”

Journalist Matt Diehl says, “Chris was clearly very much in love with Vicky, and he was also in love with her family. She came from a big bustling Greek family, and he liked that. He liked being in that kind of environment.”

The narrator says, “However, there are no messages to his mother, Karen Cornell.”

Dr. Michael Hunter says, “Reports suggest that Chris was no longer in contact with his own parents. I wonder if his childhood experiences hold any clues to his death.”

Matt Diehl then claims both of Chris’ parents were alcoholics during his youth, and discussed his childhood growing up in this environment.