Chris Cornell ‘Final Moments’ With Soundgarden Detailed


Taylor Momsen discussed Chris Cornell’s final moments with her and Soundgarden before he left for his hotel room and died by suicide in Detroit in 2017.

Momsen told Matt Pinfield on KLOS that she waited outside in the back parking lot near the tour buses to say goodbye to Cornell after Soundgarden got off the stage. Momsen said she knew Cornell’s post-show routine by this point, and it was to get out of the venue fairly quickly.

She said she gave him a ‘big hug’ and had a small talk, and suggested that Soundgarden and The Pretty Reckless tour again, as it was The Pretty Reckless’ last scheduled night as opening act.

Momsen said Cornell departed for his hotel room, and she hung out with Matt Cameron, Kim Thayil, and Ben Shepherd, followed by both bands, sans Cornell, leaving on their tour buses. Momsen found out the next morning that Cornell had died in his hotel room. Thayil, Cameron, and Shepherd had indicated in a lawsuit statement that they found out on their tour bus as well.

Momsen said she first met Cornell in passing at an event a few years prior to the spring 2017 tour, but that backstage she had a great lengthy conversation with Cornell about King Animal and other subjects once Soundgarden and The Pretty Reckless were on tour together.