The Blankz ‘Getting Over You’ Is Ambitious Attack Of Blistering Punk Glory


2018 has been one hell of a year for Phoenix, Arizona punk rockers The Blankz. While the yer may be winding down, The Blankz certainly are not. Following a handful of infectious, anthemic modern day punk classics, The Blankz are back with yet another ambitious attack of blistering punk rock glory.

The latest release is the two song EP, Getting Over You. If you’re familiar with their other stellar tracks from 2018, “White Baby” and “I’m a Gun” to name a few, there’s no doubt you’ll be losing your mind to the EP’s two tracks, “Getting Over You” and “Barfly”.

“Getting Over You” is everything you’ve come to love about The Blankz. Pulsing drums and chugging, punky guitars take center stage while the lyrics tell a time-tested tale of the difficulty of moving on in life when faced with heartbreak; in any form. The Blankz are strangers to creating big hooks and fantastic sing-alongs, but with “Getting Over You”, they really show a new depth to the mastery of their craft. And as always, the synth plays a great role in the song adding on one more level of awesomeness.

“Barfly” is quick and to the point and rocks with a great 80s-Ramones vibe. The Blankz wear their influence on their sleeve but rather than just imitate them like a lesser band would, they rise to the occasion and take their influences and use them as fuel to create some of the absolute best punk rock going today. The Blankz are unmatched in their ambition and talent in the current climate of punk rock.

There’s no questioning the addictiveness to The Blankz. The track record The Blankz are building is an insane collection which just continues to improve and excite with each subsequent release. The Blankz are a must for anyone starved for great music. Catchy, chaotic and real. The Blankz are one of a kind!

Check Out The Blankz new EP Getting Over You” now!