KISS Icon Photographed Bending Over Taking Shirt Off


KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley recently shared a photo of himself in his dressing room bending over after he’d taken his shirt off. Stanley wrote, “MOLINE!! BUCKLE UP! We’re Going On A WILD Ride Tonight!”

As KISS are on their ‘End of the Road’ tour, Paul Stanley says that he is not surprised to see so many farewell tours and retirements afoot, involving a lot of big names in the rock world. “It actually makes logical sense,” he tells the Detroit Free Press. “It’s not a coincidence. Because many of these acts, artists and entertainers are from the same general time frame or generation. So it makes perfect sense. There are some who are drawing a purely nostalgic audience of older people.”

He continued: “I’m incredibly gratified to see that our audience spans three generations. I always like to know, during a show, how many people are seeing us for the first time. That’s important. There is a legend, if you will, of this band KISS, and there are still people coming for the first time, to see if it’s worthy of that legend. And by end of the show, if not sooner, it’s really clear to everybody that most don’t want to see this end.”