Chris Cornell Finally Enshrined At Rock Hall of Fame


Update: June Hurst is the fan who did this! Thank you!

A fan purchased Chris Cornell memorial brick at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum has been installed in Cleveland.

In October, we reported that a fan has purchased a legacy brick in memory of Chris Cornell at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum as part of the Legacy Brick Program.

The Rock Hall website states, “Your personal message will be engraved on a brick that will be installed in the plaza in front of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Each order includes a replica brick that features your personalized inscription and the Hall of Fame logo along with a Certificate of Authenticity. Additional replicas are available for purchase as well as custom engraved display cases. The logo engraved display cases are a great way to showcase your replica in your home or office.

After your brick has been installed, you will receive a locator map so you can easily find yours when visiting the Museum.”

It appears this is the brick that has finally been installed. If anybody knows the name of the fan, let us know in the comments and we can give them a shout out! Chris Cornell’s band Soundgarden has yet to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame despite being eligible for a few years now.

  • Olga Stewart

    The inscription on that brick is actually better than the one on Chris’s headstone.

  • June Hurst

    This is my brick. My name is June Hurst. I thank you for the acknowledgement.

    • Sheryl Sandeen

      Chris Cornell will live forever! Dispite digruntal humanitarians that have nothing better to do than see life as a shit bucket! That’s not how Chris lived or how he’d want his message to be perceived! ❤️ You June!

    • Olga Stewart

      Thank you for doing this for Chris.

      It is both special and meaningful. And it’s also most appreciated.

    • Lora

      You are the true meaning of a fan

    • Alternative Nation

      Thanks, just edited in a shout out.

  • Lisa Murphy

    Fucking bullshit. What a disgusting exploitive thing to turn a buck on his death. This isn’t about memorializing Chris Cornell – this is about a deluded fan who wants HIS name on there. This is the 2nd appalling time I’ve made a comment on some shady exploit. The first was when his “bereaved” widow “courageously” held a vigil inviting fans to attend…
    Let the man Rest In Peace..obviously if it was intentional-as in suicide- that’s what he longed for. I don’t think the mob would give a flying fuck about a brick dedicated to him at a corporate wank fest location

    • Sheryl Sandeen

      If you have nothing nice to say scroll on! Do you know June? Her heart and intentions are nothing but genuine. Fact: They reached out to her! Now you publically attack her for a humble tribute? I hope you find peace LoudLove!

    • Olga Stewart

      No one forced you to read this, you know.

      And there is always the option of scrolling.

    • susan0611

      I also purchased a brick but have not received notification that it has been installed yet. I did receive my replica months ago. This was purchased out of respect for Chris as was June’s. All fans grieve differently and pay respect differently. Many of us feel Chris deserves recognition in the Rock Hall. No need for hate or harsh words. #LoudLove #Keepthe Promise

    • Lora

      OK Lisa Murphy let’s just all pretend this man never existed so he can rest…P L E A S E. Get a grip he will continue to live through the ones who love him and care to let his legacy live on!! Chris”s wife lost her best friend, she knows his “real fans” think about him and still cry over him, she invited us in to grieve with them. Your perception on things is really screwed! Your probably a Trump supporter too!!!