Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Threatens To Quit Touring


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was furious at disrespectful fans at a recent show in Covington, Kentucky. Corgan was trolled by people in the audience about his shapeshifter story and his appearance on The Simpsons in 1996. Corgan unloaded on a drunk fan a couple of days ago at a concert.

When a fan asked on Instagram what happened at the show, Corgan responded, “Find out from others. I’m not gonna have this shit used against me.”

Another fan said the Kentucky show was ‘one of the best’ they had seen, and asked if he’d do more solo touring. Corgan answered, “After tonight it is doubtful.” A fan then apologized for ‘people sucking’ at concerts and talking over performers. Corgan said, “It’s a problem everywhere. But U.S. seems to have it worst.”

A fan told Corgan, “You were amazing tonight. Sorry the crowd was so hurtful. I got so upset that I cried.” Corgan responded, “I would have gone there with you but I’m just too cynical.” Corgan didn’t seem happy with another fan who told him to ignore the haters. The fan told Corgan, “PS – I don’t know why you give crowd losers the time of day. They suck – just want attention.” Corgan shot back, “Excuse me, but I do this for a living. I don’t need advice on how to run my show. This isn’t some don’t RT the trolls BS.”

Corgan discussed Rage Against The Machine’s reunion yesterday. SNWP posted on Reddit, “I was there. It was basically 5 or so people that were using the silence to yell something stupid, it happened about 10 times.

“Are shape shifters real?” “Homer Simpson – smiling politely” Some guy when BC used throat spray – “is that hairspray?” “Gossamer” Etc

The service staff was loud. It was especially noticeable during To Sheila, and the crowd there were a few people just talking and laughing during the show.

Personally – the place has a security staff, I wanted to confront some of the people causing problems – but what am I gonna do? I’d get kicked out and maybe even arrested . BC needs to realize it’s just a few drunk idiots and if he was to solve the problem don’t punish the hundreds/thousand of people that showed up and were respectful, and just kick out immediately hecklers when these things happen.

Post signs saying anyone doing this will be escorted out. Give them a refund if it’s problematic whatever.”

Wounded wrote on Netphoria, “This venue has a fairly large bar area directly behind where everyone was was seated so as soon as the show starts everyone cheers and is quiet for the first song. Second song…no one knows it and the bar area starts chatting away and he’s immediately in a bad mood.

Some dude yells Homer Simpson smiling politely- he yells idiot in the back row. Couple songs later he tells the crowd it’s your show they won’t listen to me. Everyone yells shut the f**k up to the bar area.

Some dude yells and asks if shapeshifters are real, and he says how about you come up here and I punch you in the f**king face – says it twice. The mood has completely changed and it’s a tense crowd. I can imagine the people in the back were wanting a Smashing Pumpkins show and weren’t getting it.

At some point (maybe it was shapeshifter guy) there was a guy was standing up and kept trying to have a conversation with him and the crowd drowned him out. Security came and acted like they were going to toss him but they didn’t.” Wounded later added, “I enjoyed the show though. Ugly, Jupiter’s Lament (piano), To Sheila, Peace and Love were great. 3 of the new songs seemed to really stand out to me as well.

I thought the crowd was mostly good but a few bad apples. He’s previously said he wishes the audience would check the people yelling shit out and the talkers. So I figured he would have been happy with the audience telling people to shut up.” Billy Corgan discussed covering Nirvana a few weeks ago.