Chris Cornell Met Recovery Specialist Before Death


Chris Cornell briefly met with his friend Harold Owens just two days before dying. Owens is a senior director at MusiCares, an organization that helps musicians recover from mental health and addiction issues. Alternative Nation transcribed Owens’ comments from Lily Cornell Silver’s podcast ‘Mind Wide Open.’ Lily is the daughter of Chris Cornell and Susan Silver. Eddie Vedder recently discussed his bond with Lily and being ‘in denial’ after Chris’ death.

“I saw your Dad, I saw Chris, two days before he died. I was down in Florida, he was doing a show, I got a message from one of the runners, ‘Tell him Harold is here, he wanted to say hi.’ He was in and out, and gave me that smile, but he was gone. That hurt, because I knew him for a lot of years.”

Lily wrote about the episode, “@musicares senior director, Harold Owens, and I talk about mental health and addiction in the music community, the importance of advocacy, and Harold’s remarkable story in his own words. For more information on guests, future episodes, and resources go to the website link in my bio. Content warning: drug abuse, suicide.”

She also wrote last week about the election, “This is the most important election of my lifetime, and it has been filling me with dread and fear for our nation’s minorities and marginalized communities. It is easy to say ‘take care of yourself,’ and much harder to actually feel any semblance of peace in this time.

Personally, it has helped me to focus on community, trying to take care of myself and others, and remembering that the lead-up and outcome of this election is going to affect each person and each demographic differently. Reach out to friends and family, support those that need it, and please vote if you haven’t already. #bidenharris2020.”

In other Chris Cornell news, his widow Vicky Cornell sent a message to her ‘committed stalkers’ yesterday.