Chris Cornell Mom Breaks Silence In Emotional Video


The first video of Chris Cornell‘s mother Karen Cornell has been uploaded since the death of her son in May 2017. Her granddaughter Lily Cornell Silver shared the video, writing, “Gram remembering her manners.”

The Metal Den claim that they contacted Karen Cornell in June 2017 about their completely unfounded conspiracy theories surrounding Chris’ death.

Cornell allegedly responded, “Speculating about my son’s death won’t bring him back. Please don’t contact me. Thank you.”

A 1998 Mother’s Day note Chris wrote to his mother surfaced last year.

“To Mom on Mommy’s Day

I love you mommy, and I think you’re swell. If you weren’t my mommy I’d be mad as hell. God would ask if I was happy, and I’d tell him, ‘I’m not. I want the same mommy my brothers and sisters got.’ He’d say, ‘OK, but I don’t understand, when you could have any mommy in the the land.’ And I’d say, ‘I’ll try to explain to you God. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cat, or a dog, a fish or a rabbit, or a boy or a girl. She’s the best mommy in the whole wide world!’


Christopher 1998.”

Chris Cornell’s mother Karen, brother Peter, and ex-wife Susan Silver attended the MusiCares event honoring Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready at the Showbox in Seattle last year. McCready received the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award. McCready played with Chris Cornell in Temple of the Dog and at Mad Season’s 2015 Benyora Hall reunion show.

Chris Cornell and his mother reportedly weren’t on the best terms in his later years, though nobody involved has specifically given the reasons why.

  • ellie

    Ooooohhhh Icky is gonna be pissed at you Brett….ty for posting who Chris’ real family is.

    • mypat623

      I smell a retraction coming.. Mustn’t poke the bear!!

  • F D

    What a useless article. Cornell probably died because he killed himself when he was depressed and loaded with many different types of medications and/or drugs. It happens. The guy was miserable like so many of us are whether we admit it or not, and one fateful night shit went bad for him.

    • Nomi Waters

      This is probably one the most honest explanations of Cornell’s death that I’ve read online. Yep, shit really did go bad one fateful night. Loud Love to you F. D.

    • ellie

      The only shit that went bad was the day he married VK

    • Velton Meade

      @FD: Exactly. I have been a musician since 1977, studied voice at college, but I also went to college for engineering. I have met a lot of famous musicians and some not so famous, but I think that artists need a way to vent or have a hobby to allow themselves to get their minds off of life and their career and do something different. I am lucky, I found an avenue, but many don’t and boredom sets in and I think this is where depression starts. You cannot live music 24/7, you need a hobby, friends to connect with and that does not include drinking, drugs, or lying around all day.

      • Tony Manley

        He probably tried to vent but his ol lady wouldn’t allow it since there was no money to be made of it.

    • Velton Meade

      Oh and one more thing. I work for the government (aka engineering) and we have to take training in areas of suicide, OP SEC, etc. and apparently it has been researched that most the commit suicide don’t plan on it and think it over for any extended period of time, they just decide to do it. Who knows why Cornell did it. As a singer myself, he was one of my favourite rock and roll singers. Had a fantastic voice and his rendition of the James Bond intro to the movie, “Casino Royale” is a fav of mine.

    • Tony Manley

      This was exactly what happened, conspiracies need to stay with UFO’S and JFK

      • Jonathan Strauss

        FYI, 1) UFO’s/ETI are real, 2) Chris and Chester (who also “committed suicide” in the exact same fashion were BOTH involved in a little known charity that rescued youngsters from sexual slavery. Those kids who had very likely ties and could expose people positions and potentially dangerous people 3) You’re head is deeply embedded in your arse.

        • Tony Manley

          And Captn Crunch is a real pirate, do us all a favor and stay in your mum’s basement and be seen…not heard.

  • kylepetty

    She ‘breaks her silence’ in a video with no audio? By sipping tea?

    At least you were right about it being an emotional video. Oh wait…

    • Jonathan Strauss

      LOL! no kidding

  • EarthSprite

    Cutting Karen out of his life really seems to be the point of no return when things started to go horribly wrong for him.

  • ainecara

    Gee Brett but you don’t think Vicky stepping in and keeping Chris from his family would have anything to do with Chris not having a relationship with his Mom, do you?

    Get a clue already!