Chris Cornell Parents Eerie Yearbook Photos Surface


Chris Cornell fans on Reddit have unearthed yearbook photos of his parents Karen Cornell and the late Ed Boyle. Ed’s stare is eerie, much like his late son’s.

JollyGreyKitten posted on the Soundgarden Reddit, “The stare coming from Ed is almost chilling. Can’t stutter when you’re talking with your eyes, as we all know.”

LastGoodReporter responded, “Such an interesting mixture of traits. I can see Chris in both of them, as well as his children.”

KneelToThePotatoKing wrote, “Chris looked like his dad up until later years where he started to resemble his mom a bit more. This is chilling.”

Chris Cornell fans recently discussed ‘Scream’ on Reddit 12 years after its release.

AmazingIsTired said, “I dislike Scream until I get to “Two Drink Minimum” and then everything is ok and forgiven. Worth it just for that song alone.

Reminds me of the album “How we Operate” by another band I had liked a lot, Gomez. While the album wasn’t even close to as much of a departure as Scream was, I still strongly disliked the entire album except for a single song… which ended up being one of my all time favorite songs by them.”