Chris Cornell Reveals Bold Truth About Kurt Cobain In Leaked Tape


In this first episode of Season Two of “Dave’s Old Interview Tapes,” IndyStar reporter David Lindquist and guest Eric Klee Johnson (Monofiction, co-founder of the Pop Machine recording studio) revisit a never before heard 1999 interview with late Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell. Cornell discussed Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, along with Radiohead, when discussing the best albums of the last 10 years. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

Cornell: Two albums would come to mind right away and there’s a lot but albums that had a pretty big cultural impact, impact on other musicians as well as ‘the feel’ of music for me would be OK Computer by Radiohead and Bleach by Nirvana. I think if I looked at all of the records made by Seattle bands and that period of the indy scene before it blew up and became really big, the Bleach album to me in a sense kind or represents what that moment felt like musically. It’s just a really great album.

Lindquist: Yeah, that’s just another layer of perspective because most people would point to Nevermind simply due to exposure.

Cornell: Yeah and that’s valid, it depends on how you want to answer the question. If you want to answer the question as a fan and what you like about music, that’s one thing, if you want to answer the question in its impact, that’s another one as well. It’s a great record, but Bleach I like a lot more.