Led Zeppelin Icon Sad Grave Photo Revealed, Did He Cry?


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s girlfriend Scarlett Sabet detailed visiting Jack Kerouac’s grave with Page, and how emotional it was, in a new Instagram post. You can view a photo they took below.

“One of my new poems from Camille, this poem, my love song, love poem, eulogy, memorial, searching questioning statement and longing, my poem ‘For Jack’. I thought on March 12th on what would’ve been Jack Kerouac’s 97th birthday I would share this poem with you. I first performed it in Jack’s hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts at The Town And The City Festival in October 2018. It was a quick, delirious stay in Lowell.

My hotel for that trip was a short walk from the flower shop where Jimmy and I bought the lilies and roses that we laid respectfully and with love on Kerouac’s grave in 2017. I reference those flowers in this poem. Poor Jack. Give your loved ones a hug, read Jack’s words and remember life is beautiful, terrifying, vast and precious. Happy birthday Jack. ❤️”

The poem says, “You whose grave I gave my roses, lilies, boot heels and tears.”

She previously wrote on Instagram about the grave visit, “‘And don’t you know God is Pooh Bear…'”

“It was actually very sad, I cried, I wish he’d been around longer to see the bigger picture, how loved he and his work came to be. X.”

There is a 46-year age gap between Page and Sabet. Page recently attended a poetry event with Sabet for her new release ‘Camille.’