Chris Cornell & Scott Weiland TV Special Leaks


Scott Weiland’s ‘Autopsy: The Last Hours Of..’ episode was already confirmed to premiere on Reelz Channel on Sunday at 8PM EST, and it will be followed by a new ‘Life, Death, and Money’ episode on Chris Cornell, making it a Weiland/Cornell night. Reelz did an ‘Autopsy’ episode on Chris Cornell a couple of weeks ago, with actors playing Chris Cornell and his Soundgarden bandmates at their final show in Detroit in 2017.

A film called ‘Into the Mind of Weiland’ had a trailer released last year, but it was pulled due to copyright issues.

CagedTiger posted on at the time, “Now this one actually looks really well made and as seen in the trailer actually features exclusive interviews with Scott’s parents and his widow Jamie. It appears to focus primarily on Scott’s mental health problems, such as bi polar and episodes of paranoia, rather than JUST his drug use.

I think that’s a good thing too because even after his death I’ll still see ignorant comments on YouTube etc that’ll just say “guy was a junkie”. I think it’s so disrespectful for people to just write him off like that without looking at the bigger picture. The guy suffered with serious mental health problems for many years and I’m glad this documentary explores that rather than just going with some cliche, rockstar did drugs and died story for a quick buck.

Apparently the director is facing ‘obstacles by others’ so unfortunately we may never see it in full.”

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