Chris Cornell & Susan Silver’s Wedding Invitation To Iconic Grunge Singer Is Beautiful


There was recently an eBay auction for Chris Cornell and Susan Silver’s 1990 wedding invitation to Mark Lanegan. Below is the description and photos of the invitation.

“Back in 1990, Chris Cornell (you know, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog) married his manager, Susan Silver, and it was likely quite the party. They invited friends, of course, and this is the invitation they sent to Mark Lanegan, mailed on 13 Sept., 1990. It includes the addressed envelope, the invite, and directions to the ceremony, held at the couple’s home. No RSVP card.

Also included is a second envelope with invitation asking Mark to Susan’s 40th birthday party in 1998, complete with a handwritten note from Susan.

Obviously you’d be hard-pressed to find another set of material like this. I covered the address lines for Mark’s addresses and these were both sent from the Susan Silver Management office, long since closed.

As for the provenance, you’re absolutely right to ask. These pieces were included in a collection of Lanegan material sold at the Christie’s Pop Culture auction (Lot 270, see photos of the lot description and catalogue cover) in 2008. It’s legit. There were three boxes of Lanegan material and memorabilia, more of which will be listed in the coming weeks. It’s all pretty amazing – demo tapes, handwritten lyrics, studio sheets, tour books, original photos, Screaming Trees CDs. It goes on and on. This is the start of it.”