Chris Cornell Has Unreleased Music With Collaborator Who Will Melt Your Heart


Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis has revealed in new Instagram posts that Chris recorded music with his daughter Toni prior to his death.

“Fans are proud of him and his moM as he wanted to call me, afraid in the beginning, maybe too young! When I told him that’s how it is, to call me Mom, you should of seen how his face lit up! He never stopped calling me that! The last card from Mother’s Day he sent is one thing I will treasure the most, and pass it on to Toni!

Let’s be nice to Toni, having so many songs he wrote for her that we don’t even know, plus so many they recorded together! So far not even me, I’m not allowed to listen! Strong cookie like Mom and Dad!”

She later wrote, “With Mrs. Cornell’s permission who knows? Maybe we’ll be allowed soon to visit his studios?”

She also posted a photo of Chris and Vicky at Toni’s baptism, “If that’s not happiness I don’t know what is! Mrs. Cornell with Mr. Cornell’s family is everything! That’s what he wanted and when he finally found it…well? Here it is!! In all its glory! Love family! #chriscornell #bestdadever #legend #icon #besthusbandever #Baptism.

We gave him so much love, but he gave it back in return 100 times more! That’s who Chris was! His wife, his angel, his love! As for Vicky? Oh well just look at her eyes! God bless families who share only love and respect as his was 14 years of pure love!! Soulmates!