Steven Tyler Unloads On Fan For Sitting Down At Show


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler took to social media via Instagram to unload on his very own fans! However, a very specific group of fans. Yes, Steven Tyler wanted everyone to know that he has had simply enough with people going to his shows and sitting in their seats! Steven Tyler’s daughter recently revealed this bathroom accident video.

Accompanied by a middle-finger showcasing, grinning photo of the Aerosmith frontman at one of his Vegas residency shows, Tyler posted the following message on his account: WHEN I SEE YOU GUYS SITTIN’… I’ll DO THIS AND KEEP (SHIT EAT) GRINNIN’”

In other news regarding Aerosmith, fans of the group discussed the band’s sixth studio album entitled ‘Night in the Ruts’ and it’s legacy on Aerosmith’s official Facebook page recently. A Steven Tyler ‘in the closet’ claim revealed by this woman.

Jeff wrote: “‘Cheesecake’ is such a badass tune. Those sliding bluesy power chords into that slow funky beat, punctuated by Tyler’s soulful and sexy delivery. Then the upbeat chorus with freestyle solos and accents by [Brad] Whitford and [Joe] Perry. Love me some ‘Cheesecake’! ‘Three Mile Smile’ has to be runner up for me, followed by ‘Mia’, an amazing lullaby from [Steven] Tyler to his daughter. Love the covers, ‘Remeber [Walking in the Sand]’ and ‘Refer Headed Woman’ as well. This album kind of gets overlooked, but it’s pretty solid from top to bottom.

This Aerosmith icon dropped the following transgender bombshell recently. Russ stated: “Joe [Perry] used to do a great instrumental of ‘Bone to Bone’ with the Project in the early 80s. Also, there is a short but cool demo of them working up ‘Three Mile Smile’ on Pandora’s Box – sounds like an audio version of the 3 Stooges or something with the interplay between the instruments. The music on ‘Mia’ almost sounded like a goodbye to the band at the time – so happy it was not!

Jorge put: An underrated album. I believe its one of their best. From start to finish a huge rocker and some heavy blues with ‘Reefer Headed Woman’. Just great overall.”